September 2nd Jam Night


Another fantastic night of Blues music in Gisborne.

The place was nearly full by 7.45pm – 15 minutes before we even are officially supposed to get underway….
The word seems to be getting out that you have to be there early if you want to get a table! Fortunately the lovely Paula got up and did a few numbers to get us all warmed up.

Once again another feature of the night was the young muso’s coming through and we were entertained by “The Billies & the Kid” – Jerome Fielder and some of our more “seasoned” musicians taking the stage with probably the youngest performer we’ve had on the stage.

Once again also, a tremendous blend of quality music that culminated in a full on jam at the end of the night with various componets from several bands, and individuals all taking the stage – way cool.

Enjoy the photos – if anybody wants copies of the original full size images – please feel free to email us via the contact page.

A reminder – the next official Blues Club Gig will be the inaugural Blues Club Highway 35 gig at Tokomaru Bay – Te Puka Tavern 4pm onwards on the 20th September – thats just two weeks from now.

If anyone wants to participate in this gig, please feel free to join us at a special organising meeting at the Tatapouri Sports fishing club, 7.30PM on Tuesday the 9th.

For further details see


August 5th Jam Night

August 5th


Wow.  What an extraordinary night of music we were treated with.

So much diversity, not only in the age groups represented but just the styles, pace and intensity of music was wonderful.

From the opening act of the young fellas that were 17 going on on 35 – good on them for claiming their space on the stage, that sort of confidence will take you a long way in life….. right through to the classic jazzy/blues piano styles of “Papa J” we had a vast variety of really cool blues music.  A capacity crowd of around 120 patrons enjoyed an absolutely classic night of Poverty Bay Blues….

Keep you ears on for more content in the future – we are working on getting more videos on photos from each jam night so more folk can share and enjoy.




2014 Subs Now Due

Hi all – it’s that time to remind you that membership subscriptions are due again.

At the AGM last year we resolved to change the way we do subs in that your membership is valid for 12 months from the date you joined.  So, if you joined Feb 2013, then you’d be due to renew Feb 14.  This is a lot easier and fairer than previously whereby subs would all be due for renewal end of September, regardless of when you joined.

Remember, it’s super good value at only $30 for 12 months for an individual or $40 for a household / husband & wife.

If you come along every month, you basically save 50% on what you would have spent.



2013 Presidents Report

Recently we held the AGM for the Poverty Bay Blues Club Inc and as part of that process I was called upon to present the Presidents Report for the year, here we go…..

Poverty Bay Blues Inc – President Reports

“To promote and further the playing, performance, enjoyment and study of Blues music….”

That’s the first line of our number one objective of the clubs constitution and a core part of why the club was incorporated in the first place.

And I think it’s very fair to say, that as an organisation this year to date, we have honored that objective and provided a lot of enjoyment for a lot of people in this community…

The last jam night of October 1st to me really epitomises what the club is all about and  capable of – in that on the first Tuesday of every new month, the stars align, the folk show up, and the institution that is the Poverty Bay Blues Club and “Tuesday Blues Day”, cranks out a night of fantastic blues music and a whole bunch of people, get to go home feeling a little bit better off for being alive and for having had the very distinct pleasure of experiencing world class, quality live music in a magical environment – that’s why we do this right?

I believe the club is in good spirits, and despite a few early problems “getting out of the gate” this year, we’ve made a lot of progress in lots of areas and we have been privileged to hear some great music.

Here’s a quick recap of just some of the memorable moments this year to date;

We enjoyed very much the Girls with Guitars gig – personally, despite not getting to sit cross legged in front of the stage to enjoy the very best vantage – I for one certainly enjoyed the afternoon – once again thanks must go to the very lovely & capable Michelle as our host at the Tata.

Then of course came Watermelon Slim – being previously unfamiliar with the art of “truck calling” – I now stand enlightened on that fact and many other interesting tidbits of Americana that we were able to pickup thru his thick accent (and lack of teeth…..)

We then did the public survey — and whilst we are still working on how to provide the free platters of Gisborne Deli foods and the strippers between the acts, as was so kindly suggested by one respondent, we confirmed that overwhelming those that come, feel they receive great value, have a tremendous time and enjoy the fact that there is a diversity of music and every jam night will certainly be different from the next – but is also an audience that appreciates the fact that club nights will always strive to be blues focused.

We enjoyed a rocking performance from Swamp Thing and once again it was a pleasure to host such gracious and talented people – so rocking was the Dome Room that night, our very own mild mannered Mr Craw was even to be seen up shaking his thing…..

The club purchased our own lights, thanks to the prodding and encouragement from key committee members (thankyou Ryan!) – and what a great asset they have proven to be.
We’ve also did another batch of Tee-shirts, going back to the old HW35 style and these have proven to be popular already!

IMG_1163We recently also hosted Darren Watson and once again The Dome Room was the place to be and those that missed out, well, they missed out. We already have acts confirmed for early next year and as many of you may be aware, the Blues Club has taken responsibility for running the stage over the two days at the A&P Show.

In a similar vein and in close to a conclusion here, we have also undertaken providing a venue and opportunity for local musicians of any genre to have the opportunity to play to a live audience.  Whilst the Friday Night Live exercise was done to support Sally in her efforts to increase custom at the Dome Room,  I think there are many positive spin offs that will benefit the club through additional exposure. The events have already proved to be popular, when promoted well, and the feedback from muso’s and audience alike is positive.

In a geo-political sense and not to steal any of Hamishes thunder, but I’m also happy to confirm that we’ve been approved as Tax Excempt by IRD NZ, a process that was started some 9 odd months ago and ably coaxed along by Hamish – so thanks for that Hamish.

In conclusion, I myself would like to formally say a huge thank you to Club Captain, Mr Darryn Clyne, who’s constant and relentless efforts behind the scenes with the muso’s, contributes enormously to make the jam nights as successful as they are.  Thanks also to Deane Craw and Spellbound Radio for the fantastic job he is doing in promoting not only the Blues club but also, many local artists.  Thanks for the other committee members who give their time freely to helpout – I appreciate that. Thanks to Sally and the good folk of the Dome Room for being such gracious hosts and lastly homage must be paid, to both the muso’s of Tairawhiti – you keep coming out from whereever you are and AMAZING us with your talents and vibrancy AND thanks and respect to our members and the general public of Gisborne that keep coming and making the whole experience so enjoyable.

Thats my piece – thanks for listening.

Club President

Darren Hart

2013 AGM Date Announced

Single-logoGood afternoon all Blues Club supporters!

Thanks heaps for your support over the past 12 months, we’ve had some very memorable jam nights and many other special events that have been a lot of fun for all those concerned.

As an incorporated society the Poverty Bay Blues Club has to hold an Annual General meeting every year.

This is an opportunity to elect and appoint the officers of the Club, as well as a committee. So if you’d like to be involved, now’s the time to stand up and be counted!

The details are as follows;

Poverty Bay Blues Incorporated – AGM
Venue: Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club – The Shark Bar
Date: 15th of October 2013
Time: 7.30pm

All are very welcome.

Upcoming Blues Club Events


Here’s the schedule of upcoming events over the next few months;

Friday 15th of October – Friday Night Live – 3 local bands for $5 bucks – your mad if you don’t come!

Bands confirmed are:

  • Time Lords
  • The Remains
  • Broken Stone

Remember, Friday night live events are not about Blues Music, they are an opportunity for local artists to showcase their skills & their passion – regardless of genre!

Tuesday 1st of October – First Tuesday of the new month means it jam time again! (done – EPIC!)

Tuesday 8th of October – Committee Meeting to discuss and finalise proposed AGM agenda

Tuesday 15th of October – Annual General Meeting – Tatapouri Fishing Club – 7.30pm

Friday 18th of October / Saturday 19th of October – A&P Show – The Blues Club are arranging the live music for both days – a great afternoon of live music is in store for everyone heading to the show this year!

2013 Poverty Bay A&P Show – Corsons Wine and Food Arena
Poverty Bay Blues Club Stage

Friday 18th October  11am – 5pm

11am – 1pm
Muru and Moses

1pm – 2pm

2 – 3pm
Ethnic Roots


Elvis is in the building.

Saturday 19th October 11am – 6pm

The Crayz

12 -1pm
Eru “Big Boy Blues” Tamanui

Paul Jackson

Nick and Neil, the two NN’s

Mitchell Kirk and the Rhythm Division

90 Days

Doug Snelling and Blues on 35

Friday 18th of October – Friday Nite live

– more live music from local muso’s – post show party!

Doors open at 6pm – bands from 8



Friday Night Live – June 28th

Our first ever Friday Night Live!

In an initiative to help develop local music, regardless of genre, Poverty Bay Blues Club has worked in conjunction with the Dome Room to create these special evenings for local musicians and music fans of all ages.

The first Friday nite session was a great success and enjoyed by all in attendance.

Many thanks to the support of Soul Society, 90 Days and the Ernie J White Band!

Friday night live music in Gisborne


July 2013 Jam Night

Another classic night of Gissie Blues music – an earlier night for us on this occasion in that we had pretty much packed up by 10 o’clock – first time ever – was it because we ran the first ever “Friday Nite” live gig the Friday before and we were all soaked up with music – who will ever know….. but for those that came along – once again another great night!


2013 Members News

The BigDaddy gig was a sell out success!

The club is in great spirits and the last few gigs that we have been involved with have been absolutely outstanding!

If you missed the August jam on Tuesday the 6th of August, pity you, should not have stayed in front of the fire!
The place was jammed packed and we were treated to an absolutely fantastic night of real quality Blues music – well done to all the muso’s that came along and got up there and gave it heaps.

A big thank you must go out to Doug Snelling for his efforts in coming up from Wairoa on a regular basis – it’s a hell of drive home and the man deserves nothing but the utmost of respect for his commitment and level of devotion to not only the Poverty Bay Blues Club but also to Blues music in general – the mans a legend – Thank you Doug!

What’s more exciting though is as an organisation we are going from strength to strength – we have bought in some great acts over the past 12 months and we indeed on continuing this trend with thoughts and planning already going into the early part of next year. We have invested this year in further assets for the club, namely the stage lighting which has made a huge difference to many of the live performances we are putting on.

Doug Snelling and some of the Wairoa crew

The Friday night live initiative is also proving really popular – as an organisation, we make nothing from these events, rather we return all the door takings to the participating musicians – just by way of saying “thanks” and also to give them the feel good factor of being given a stage, a crowd and an opportunity to perform in a professional & controlled environment.

Be aware also, that we will have a bunch of muso’s at the A&P Show this year so that will I’m sure be a great afternoon out.

Our membership fees have not changed over the years and is still set at just $30 for a single annual membership or $40 for a couple / household.  If you come on a regular basis, it’s well spending the money as you effectively achieve a 50% discount on door entry fee – that’s right, members get in free on Tuesday night jam nights.

We are looking at offering a whole bunch of other benefits to your membership, like discounts on tee-shirts, VIP access to feature events and in time maybe even offering access to a “best of the Poverty Basy Blues Club” cd or DVD – more about that after the AGM.

That’s it for now – see you at the next Blues Day Tuesday jam!


Darren Hart
Acting President